Source Candidate

Source Candidate

-One click posting to al job sites and portal spread the news about your oppening

-Beautifull carrer page tempates to delight your candidate

-Social Recruitment Universe Import social contacts directly into system

-Easy to use Reffering portal to manage your external and internal reffera
-Post opening from hiro ats to job boards

-Analytics and Report will help you track on sources which are working well on real time

Manage Pipeline

- Get a panoramic view of each and every level of the candidate’s interview process.

- Schedule the interviews effortlessly without any hassle.

- Maintain a consistent and transparent communication throughout candidate’s
journey into your organization

- Streamline and monitor the candidate’s merit at each stage.


- HIRO boasts integrations with different assessment portals to equip you with right tools for your talent needs.

- Grab the holistic portrait of the candidates at every stage through high quality tests.


- Cut to the chase with a mass data-driven hiring decision.

- Built-in scorecards for easy filtering of applicants.

- Gather the data of the talent from every corner for better evaluation.

- Analyze the candidate’s performance through finest details in the score card.

- Make better decisions with the help of cumulative data from the interviewers who evaluated the candidate.

Hiring Workflow

- Plan, Track and Manage hiring workflows on the go.

- Create and customize workflows to avoid noise and unnecessary roadblocks.

- Create a talent-rich ecosystem by piling up the best from the rest.


- Navigate your hiring process effectively by accumulating continuous feedback from each panel involved in the recruiting process.

- Inculcate transparency for your recruitment methods for smooth functioning.

Offer Management

- Maintain the excitement in the candidates right from their hiring to the first day at work through the pre-boarding process.

- Manage the offers that are rolled out to the hires with ease.

- Setup your own workflows for offer letter approvals

Candidate Portal

- Make the candidates aware of their progress at certain levels of the recruitment.

- Cultivate the positive candidate experience by nurturing the applicants.

- Get hold of task management like never before.

- Align the hires to the company by giving a clear picture of the company’s vision and goals.

- Engage the talent with pre-training sessions and an overview of your company’s culture.


- Empower new hires with astounding onboarding experience.

- Lessen the onboarding time and cost while ramping up efficiency and effectiveness.

- Acquire deep insights to help you make better reforms in recruiting.

Source Candidate


Tailor your own requisition forms and design approval workflow for the same.

Reports & Analytics

Learn from the hiring patterns and data to improve your strategy and capabilities.

Roles & Permissions

Assign and modify the roles and permissions for more agility in recruitment area.